Marie Kondo Your Move


We specialize in helping you sell and/or buy your home but often there are steps behind the scenes that can boost your chances of making the selling process faster and the moving process easier. If you are someone who needs to sell their home before they move into another, the to-do list might feel daunting. However, there is a trend now popularized by the Marie Kondo Netflix series, “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” called KonMari that can help you make the process of selling your home faster, as well as help set you up for success during the move!

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Use the same style of hangers & go through your clothing.

In her Netflix series, Marie Kondo encourages her clients to pile their clothes on the bed and take out the clothing that doesn’t give them joy. We all know friends and family who we have helped move boxes and boxes of clothing only for them to later donate or get rid of clothing they didn’t like when they were putting it away, or been guilty of this ourselves. By doing this process before photos of the home you are selling are taken; you are showing off the closet space better, limiting the number of boxes you will need to move to your next home, and also make your mornings in your new home feel less stressful by creating a space of harmony. Just think of all the listings you immediately moved on from after untidy photos of closets cluttered with clothes appeared on the screen. Best part, hangers are relatively cheap and will move with you to your next space, so it is an easy way to add value to your home photos.

If you don’t want it in your new home, get rid of it.

Unless you absolutely need it to stage the home you are trying to sell, let go of excess clutter and furniture. Your home needs to showcase the square footage it has, cluttering it with lots of heavy furniture makes it hard to envision how to use the space most effectively. It is okay for a home to look like someone lives there, but it still needs to be clear of excess. Check out this baby room from 1720 Long St., the room feels like you could immediately go and set your child in the crib, giving those viewing the home an idea of how space can be utilized. It also will make packing much easier on you as well. You can donate your old furniture that is cluttering up space to Habitat for Humanity as well and they even handling the work of picking it up if you need them to! A win win for everyone.


Pack Up Keepsakes First


Lastly, Marie Kondo makes her clients tackle their sentimental items. Packing up sentimental items before you have photos taken of your home and prepare for your move is important because these sorts of items can make it difficult for buyers to envision living in the space. When you pack up these items, make sure you ask yourself if they are truly sentimental or as Kondo states, “If they give you joy”. If you envision storing these items away in a box in your new home to never be viewed, chances are they are not as important as you believe them to be. Keepsake items you can not part with should be thoughtfully put away in easily accessible boxes or put in display cases and packed away. This means that not only will you be moving fewer boxes and trying to find places to store them in your new home, but while you are waiting to move, your personal items will look cutely tucked away instead of just debris ruining the aesthetics of your clean, ready-to-view home.

In the end, think of what sort of homes have made you decide to not even bother going in person to view them even if you liked the idea of the layout. Homes with lots of clutter in them do not appeal to those looking to invest in a their own home. Now is the time to be mindful of your possessions. Whether you use the trendy KonMari method or just go through your stock of possessions in your own way, keep in mind that every item will be filling a box you will have to move and unpack later!

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