Spring Cleaning: Clean & Efficient Kitchen Appliances


You have begun the spring cleaning process, knocking out all the dust that has collected over the winter. General house maintenance might be your expertise, but when it comes to appliances… when was the last time you REALLY cleaned them? Get your house sterilized from your hibernation so that you can have the most productive Spring yet!

Here are some tips to ensuring your appliances are not only clean but also efficient.

1. The Oven

Self-cleaning ovens and oven cleaner will do most of the work, but you should also check the seal of your oven as well! When the oven door doesn’t seal properly, you can lose as much as 20% of heat. This means that not only will your food take longer to cook, but your home will be creating even more heat in the Summertime. Obviously, in the Southern heat, this can be a huge nightmare. How do you do this, well it is quite simple, check out this video for a quick walkthrough!

2. The Stovetop

Cleaning the metal drip plates and burners will keep your heat evenly dispersed and your home smoke-free. Fill your sink with hot soapy water and let soak burners and knobs for a couple of hours before scrubbing.

If you have experienced a few cooking mishaps over the winter and your drip plates are beyond the aid of steel wool, you can replace them. Be sure to bring one each of the sizes you need with you to the store so you get the right sizes! This is a tip we have learned the hard way.

Lastly, don’t forget to vacuum crumbs that may have found their way between the counter and the stovetop! This will help prevent you from getting those pesky ants in the summertime!

3. The Refrigerator

Have you ever had to move your fridge and noticed the horror show that is the space behind it? Here you will find dust, mysterious residue, and scraps of food that have migrated to this popular debris hangout. Be sure to clean the back of your refrigerator as well when you tidy up behind there as it isn’t the easiest spot to decide to clean! Vacuum the coils behind or beneath your fridge so that your fridge’s motor isn’t taking up needless energy.

For a more thorough cleaning, check the door gaskets as well. Similar to the oven, the refrigerator can be taking up more energy than necessary if the seal is loose. A simple video to show you how to do it for those DIY folks:

4. The Dishwasher

“WHAT? That’s just crazy now” you might be saying to yourself. While we assume that because the dishwasher cleans itself when it is used we never need to clean it, the truth is it still needs occasional maintenance. Check the drain in the bottom of the machine for debris, you would be surprised how much better your dishwasher might work after a nice cleaning. Sometimes people will even go so far as to replace their dishwasher thinking it no longer works when a simple drain cleaning is all it needs! So don’t forget this simple but very effective Spring cleaning step.

Keeping your kitchen appliances in working order can save you a ton of money and keep your home smelling fresh all year round. Not to mention that tidy kitchen appliances can go incredibly far in terms of getting an offer on your house super quickly if you decide to sell! So good luck on your cleaning journey, you go bust those dust bunnies!

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